Sabbath Bloody Sabbath Solo

Animated Sabbath Bloody Sabbath Solo tab by Black Sabbath on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

As far as Black Sabbath solos go, this is fairly simple stuff. Tony Iommi uses the E natural minor scale up at the 12th fret position for whole solo. It's very typical rock solo stuff, using nice bends and quick pull offs. There's some nice licks here to rip through!

Remember we're playing in standard E tuning, even though the original song was in C#. Nothing's different in how to play the song, it just will sound higher.

After the solo ends there is a break in lead guitar for a while, then he plays a simple little harmony over the Middle Bridge of the song. This involves notes from the A natural minor scale. This part is very easy indeed and suitable for beginners!

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