Country Girl

Animated Country Girl tab by Black Sabbath on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Country Girl is recorded in Eb tuning, but here we show it in standard to save you re-tuning your strings. The song is typical Sabbath, nice simple riffery and apart from the solo - not too hard to learn. Here's the riffs you need:

Main Riff - By far the main riff in the song. This is a short, repetitive powerchord riff. The trickiest part is the hammer on / pull off towards the end of the powerchord sequence. Just take your time and get it all correct at a slower pace. Go as slow as you need, then build speed last.

Riff 2 - This is a very short powerchord riff. It is used to break up the main riff, i.e. stop it getting so monotonous. It only appears once in the song.

Clean Riff 1 - For the middle of the song, there is an interlude. This is where Iommi switches to a cleaner guitar sound, and plays some nice mellow chords. All he does here is switch between E minor and D major (full barre chords). Repeat.

Clean Riff 2 - He stays with a clean tone, but halfway through the interlude he switches to play this nice descending riff:

E minor - D5 - C maj7 - B5 (repeat)

After that, he plays Clean Riff 1 again before launching into the solo. We've slowed the solo down a lot more to make it easier to follow, but even so, it is fast and not beginner-friendly. Only tackle it if you are ready.

During the solo, the main riff is played in the background by the rhythm guitar. And from the solo onwards, just keep playing the main riff until the end of the song. That's all there is to this entire tune!

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