Sabbath Bloody Sabbath Fill 1

Animated Sabbath Bloody Sabbath Fill 1 tab by Black Sabbath on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

During the Chorus, the main rhythm guitar goes acoustic and strums between the Am9 and G major chords. On top of this, 2 guitars play little melodic fills together (just to be awkward). Here we see the first melodic fill.

The band recorded the song in C# tuning, but we're going to show it in standard tuning to keep things simple. It's all played the same way, just sounds higher.

This fill is quite jazzy in style. Use your neck pickup and turn your tone knob all the way towards you. This will give you a deeper, fuller sound for jazzy style guitar. There are only 3 licks to learn here:

Lick 1 - Lick 2 - Lick 3

Notice that he starts by using some hybrid picking. Nothing too tricky. It just means picking 2 strings together, but one is with the plectrum and the other is played with your 3rd finger. Hybrid picking is quite common in jazz styles, and allows you to play notes together that aren't on adjacent strings.

Once you've learned this fill, check out the second fill. It is played over the top of this one.

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