Wish You Were Here

Animated Wish You Were Here tab by Pink Floyd on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here. What a band eh? Few make albums like that anymore. Here's how to play one of the most famous guitar songs ever composed:

The acoustic solo uses G major pentatonic scale notes, with some lovely blues touches.

This ActionTab contains everything you need to know to play the song comfortably. All the chord progressions, strumming patterns and little guitar fills are a real treat for any budding guitarist.

The intro to the song sets up the verses nicely, although it is harder to play than the verses because it integrates melody lines between chord changes. The intro reappears at different points in the song - namely, between the verses and also is played at the end of the song as a fade out.

Listen carefully to the strumming to get a feel for the song, and also the timing of chord changes.

The Chord progressions for the verses are as follows:

C maj (G bass note)
D maj (F# bass note)
A min
G maj
D maj (F# bass note)
C maj
A min
G maj


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