St Vitus Dance

Animated St Vitus Dance tab by Black Sabbath on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is a simple song from Sabbath, off the Vol. 4 album. The song was originally recorded in C# tuning (3 frets lower than standard tuning), but we're doing it here in Standard tuning to save you re-tuning. Everything is the same as the original, it just sounds a bit higher because we aren't tuning down.

This is a short simple song, with only 3 riffs to learn. There are no solos or lead fills in this song. Everything is played on just 1 guitar:

Riff 1 - This riff is based around the D major chord. It is the hardest of the 3 song riffs, because it involves doing bends amongst chord strikes. Just take it slow at first and get it right, then work on building the speed last. The riff is actually quite short, it is always played twice each time it appears in the song.

Riff 2 - This is a simple, repetitive riff using powerchords. It always repeats after the powerchord slides. Iommi prefers to use powerchords on the lowest strings wherever possible, in the understanding that the tone is thicker. Although you could play this whole chord sequence elsewhere on the fretboard, we're showing you where he plays it.

Riff 3 - This riff only appears once in the song. It is just another simple powerchord sequence, again on the lowest possible strings. It repeats a few times, and is the last riff needed to learn in the song!

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