Children of the Grave

Animated Children of the Grave tab by Black Sabbath on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Supreme riffery from the masters of metal here. The song was originally recorded in a lower tuning (C#), but we've just done it in standard to save your guitar neck (and you) from re-tuning so low.

The riffs here are great rhythm practice. They are quite simple, but you need to play tight. Once you get the main riffs, you'll know them for life. As always, go slow and get it right before building speed.

Here are the song sections:

Intro - Get into the right picking pattern from the start:

Down - Down / up / Down / up (repeat) - Get this rhythm right and you'll unlock the rest of the tune very quickly. Remember to keep your palm edge rested (i.e. muting) on the low strings with your picking hand. End the intro with alternate down / up strokes (no gaps between them).

Main Verse Riff - Oh how it rocks. Same picking pattern as the intro but now with powerchords at the end of each riff cycle.

Break - These little breaks are very easy - just move between a few powerchords. Strum and hold.

You don't have to play the powerchords in the positions we show here. That's just how Iommi does it. If he can play a powerchord on the lowest strings he will - because the thicker strings give more tone. However, you can also play them on the next strings along. Many people do that because it leaves your fingers in a better position to play the surrounding riffs. We show you that alternative way here. It starts with a hammer on (because that's what happens at that stage of the song).

There are a few lead fills played on a second guitar in the song. If you care to learn them here they are...

Lead Fill 1

Lead Fill 2

Back to the main song parts...

Bridge - Little riff from the E blues scale.

Interlude - Powerchords of joy.

Solo - This kicks in at the end of the song after a few more Main Verse Riffs are played. Only have a go if you've got the necessary skill. Iommi also doubles up this lead with another guitar solo. We've ommitted the 2nd guitar here, but you can hear in the normal speed audio (and we'll put it in a separate ActionTab for die-hard sabbath fans :)

Outro - Although this is on lead guitar, it's not as hard as the solo, so feel free to have a stab at it if you like it!

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