Creep (Main)

Animated Creep (Main) tab by Radiohead on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Gotta love this song. There are 2 guitars parts - 1 clean and 1 distorted. Here we look at the Clean guitar, which plays throughout the song. Afterwards we'll look at the distorted guitar parts.

The clean guitar part involves picking through a barre chord progression. The picking isn't exactly the same each time the chord progression repeats, but it's close. The main chords are as follows:

G Major - B Major - C Major - C minor

Notice that some chords are slightly altered during play, usually by changing to a sus 4 and then back to the standard major chord. For example the first B Major chord goes: B Major - B sus4 - B Major. As you can see everything is the same except 1 note is changed for the sus4!

The above G - B - C - Cm progression repeats through the verses (with slight variations mentioned earlier). But the last time play them this way:

G Major - B Major - C Major - C minor

It is during the C minor that the distorted guitar first come in with muted strikes.

Now for the Chorus. The distorted guitar part batters out backing chords and fast octave chords during the choruses, while the clean guitar continues on picking through the same progression again:

G Major - B Major - C Major - C minor

BUT...this time the chords are picked differently, and use the hammer on / pull offs as shown for each chord.

Repeat everything again then at the end of the second chorus (watch out for that last C minor chord, it's a bit frilly), strum the following chords:

G Major - B Major - C5 (twice)

Repeat that progression (with some slight variations) and you know all of the song. The rest of the song is just the same as the early verses again played to the end!

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