Black Sabbath

Animated Black Sabbath tab by Black Sabbath on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Cheery little number from Black Sabbath, who also shared their band name with this song. A very famous song, this one was pioneering for metal in the early 70's.

The song extensively uses the G natural minor scale (and Chord), with a flat 5th note for extra evilness. That's the Db note at the end of each riff at the start.

The fast part of the song (which seriously rocks) requires fast alternate picking with your strumming hand. All notes are palm muted for this part. To get the necessary speed up, you will need to use alternate picking strokes - constant down / up / down / up strikes per individual note. This may be harder to practice at first, but will get you playing the riff faster than if you just use constant down strokes!

Song Parts (Quick Links):

Riff 1 with a trill and slide

Riff 2 is the same riff except without the trill or slide. Just hold the evil Db note instead.

Alternate these 2 riffs for a while and then play Riff 3 which is basically just 3 notes of the G flat 5 chord played individually while Ozzy sings. End with this and then hit the fast part of the song mentioned earlier.

End the song with the simple chord sequence shown here.

Have Fun!

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