Animated Sweet Leaf tab by Black Sabbath on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This song was originally recorded in C# tuning (tune each string down by 3 notes). We've recorded it in standard E tuning instead to save you retuning. If you want to play along with sabbath's version, either downtune to C#, or take what we show here and play everything 3 frets lower.

This is a song of simple riffs and should be fine for beginners to get to grips with....

Main Riff - This short chord progression is played during the verses and is repeated a LOT. Keep practicing the chord changes until you can play consistently and in time with no mistakes. The same powerchord shape is used throughout, keeping things easier. Notice there is always a fast muted chord strike used after the first time round.

Second Riff - Just strike and hold these powerchords.

Third Riff - This is during the interlude, starting simply with just powerchords, and ending with this little lead lick (just repeat it a lot). Notice the fast hammer / pull off here.

Solo - Skip this unless you are skilled enough. It's typical Iommi, using the E pentatonic minor scale and adapting fast blues bends.

Fourth Riff - Simple descending powerchords to finish off the interlude / solo section of the song. After this, just play out to the end of the song on Riff 1 again.

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