Children of the Sea (Intro Lead)

Animated Children of the Sea (Intro Lead) tab by Black Sabbath on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

There is a nice bit of clean lead played by Tony Iommi during the intro. It's not a very long solo, and is suitable for those new to lead guitar.

The solo uses the D dorian mode, which is basically a D minor scale, with a raised 6th note. Tony Iommi uses this scale quite a lot when he does his mellower, clean guitar stuff.

Remember, we're in Eb tuning so every note is lowered by 1 fret to:

Low Eb : Ab : Db : Gb : Bb : Eb

Technically speaking, this also means we're playing the Db dorian mode (not D). But most people are just used to standard tuning references so, we're calling it D.

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