Snowblind (Solo 1)

Animated Snowblind (Solo 1) tab by Black Sabbath on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This solo occurs about halfway through the song. Iommi uses notes from the E blues scale:

E G A Bb B D E

The solo is a great introduction to Iommi's style. It's not too fast, and switches between the high 12th fret positions and low open positions only.

Work at the Rock Game Solos starting here in the Jamzone to learn more about shifting scales / fret positions. Just be aware that the E blues scale has 1 note more than the E pentatonic minor scale - Bb. Also, that we are in standard tuning here. The song was recorded in C# tuning (tune every string down by 3 frets). So if you are playing along with the song you will need to tune down!

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