Children of the Sea

Animated Children of the Sea tab by Black Sabbath on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

True to the song we're playing this in Eb tuning. From standard tuning this just means tuning each string down by 1 note to:

Low Eb : Ab : Db : Gb : Bb : Eb

Although we're in Eb tuning we'll refer to chord names as if they are in standard tuning because most people recognise them this way.

Although the song is quite long, it is really just a handful of fairly short riffs repeated a lot:

Intro - The acoustic guitar intro is played on a 12 string guitar. You can still play it on a normal 6 string and sound good. The intro is not too complex, it involves picking through a few chord changes:

D minor - G sus2 - D minor - A run up to C maj - Em7 - Bend (repeat)

Verse Riff - This is a short, simple riff. It starts with an A5 powerchord, does a little palm muting / sliding and then repeats after the G5 - D major chords.

Chorus - Another quite straightforward, short riff here. The chords are C5 - G major - A5 (bend the G note - a few times) - B5 (repeat).

The last time round, he plays an altered version of the chorus riff and then goes back to playing the verse riff again.

Solo Backing - The next riff to come up is at the end of the 2nd chorus. This rhythm guitar then plays a nice set of powerchords to provide backing for the solo (which we've taken out to avoid distractions and will show you separately).

That is all you need to play through the entire song! The rest of the song is just repeats of these riffs.

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