Come As You Are (Main)

Animated Come As You Are (Main) tab by Nirvana on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is the main clean guitar throughout the song. In the next ActionTab we'll look at the distorted guitar parts and solo (which are nice and easy). We've minimised the reverb effects and used a slightly different kind of distortion on the lead guitar to help you hear them easier. In the song, they are hard to separate by ear.

This is a good song for beginners to learn. However be aware that the song is in D tuning - in other words each string is tuned down from standard tuning by 2 frets to give: Low D G C F A D.

The song starts with that unmistakable low D riff. Simply follow the dots / tab and you can't go wrong. It's very repetitive and makes up the bulk of the song. Practice it in isolation until you can get it tight, then play along with the ActionTab until it becomes automatic.

The next main part to the song is the pre-chorus. This is straightforward chord strumming. You may recognise the chord shapes as E major, F#m, and A major - but remember that we are playing in a different tuning. The chords are actually all 2 frets lower, giving us: D major, Em, and G major.

The song returns to the main verse riff again, and straight to the pre-chorus once more after that. After that the chorus kicks in, with the distorted guitar at the same time. We'll look at that in the next ActionTab, but the clean guitar part continues here too, as shown. Again, the chords are straightforward, alternating between: Am and Csus2.

Once you can play these 3 simple sections - intro/verse riff, pre-chorus, and chorus you'll know all the song parts for the clean guitar! Once you can do them, you'll find the lead guitar part very easy to do.

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