Something in the Way (Drop D)

Animated Something in the Way (Drop D) tab by Nirvana on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

The original song is recorded in Drop C tuning. The downtuning may be awkward for beginners, so we've made this version in Drop D tuning as well. It is played exactly the same, but only 1 string needs to be adjusted rather than all 6. However, if you wish to play the original version instead click here.

Drop D tuning is the same as standard tuning except you tune down the Lowest string from E to D (a distance of 2 frets): Low D:A:D:G:B:E

This is a very easy song to play on guitar. Just 3 chords are used in the whole song: F#5 -- D5 -- A sus4 (no 5) and just 1 finger!

Although the chords are easy, you may like to thumb-mute / mute unwanted strings in case of overstrums.

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