Animated Breed tab by Nirvana on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This song is l'essence du punk. It's fast, full of energy and stacked full of powerchords. Use thumb muting to omit the low strings if you can. This will help you control the strings and strum madly with confidence that you only play the fretted chords.

Breaking it down, there are only a handful of riffs to learn:

Riff 1 - Short and simple. Take it slowly at first and build speed.

Riff 2 - Just hold the G5 chord and batter away. Ends with a 3 note lick, except for the last time round where a F#5 is played instead.

Riff 3 - A short and simple powerchord sequence. If you prefer you can play the D5 differently, by using an A shape on fret 5.

Solo - Well it's sort of a solo. Use thumb muting here if you need to eliminate unwanted string sounds.

The high tempo of the song will take time to crack. The trick is to keep that strumming hand constantly chopping down / up throughout. Just get it right at a slower pace and then build speed. Skip the little licks if they are giving you trouble. Once you can play fast enough go back and work at fitting them in (or making your own).

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