Heart Shaped Box

Animated Heart Shaped Box tab by Nirvana on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Nirvana recorded the song using drop Db tuning. But to keep things easier, we're just using Drop D tuning. It's the same, but less fiddling with your strings. Just play the middle D string, let it ring, and then tune down your Low E string until it sounds the same D note:

Low D:A:D:G:B:E

The song can be played all on one guitar. Use a clean sound for the verses, and distortion / overdrive for the choruses.

Verses - Pick through the following chord progression:

A5 - F5 - D5 - A5 - F5 - lick

Just keep repeating that. Sometimes there are variations in the picking, and it's all here if you want to learn those. But stick to that basic progression and you can't go wrong.

Choruses - Hit the distortion. This is the same chord progression as the verses (A5 - F5 - D5) except with 2 strums per chord, and play this little bend between chords. Repeat lots. At the end of the choruses just strum the chords more. Then switch to a clean sound and go back to playing the verse riffs.

Solo - Short, bendy and a bit weird - just how Kurt loved 'em.

A5 - F5 - D5 - A5 - F5 - lick

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