Come As You Are (Lead)

Animated Come As You Are (Lead) tab by Nirvana on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

After learning the main, clean guitar part for this song, you should find the lead comes very quickly. It is very similar, and only kicks in for backing fills during the choruses, solo and outro. We've kept the clean guitar parts in during the rest of the song. This ActionTab is how you would play the song live on 1 guitar, using a footswitch to swap between clean and distorted guitar parts.

We've already dealt with the clean guitar, so let's look at the distorted guitar parts now. Remember the tuning is 2 frets lower than standard tuning: Low D G C F A D.

The first time the distorted guitar kicks in is during the chorus. Slide the powerchord down from fret 12 to 7 and play A5. Then switch to C5. Repeat. It stays as straightforward as that each time the chorus is played.

The solo is also very straightforward. Simply slide between the 3 notes on the G string as shown. Between slides, apply vibrato. Use your 1st finger for the whole solo. Notice that every 4th time, instead of sliding back down to fret 6, just bend the note on fret 11 and hit the adjacent open string at the same time.

After that, just repeat the chorus again - same as last time. Play between A5 and C5, repeat until the outro. You can switch back to clean sound again here if you prefer, or keep the distorted sound and play out the end of the song.

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