On a Plain

Animated On a Plain tab by Nirvana on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Another classic from the Nevermind Album, On a Plain is played in Drop D tuning. That means just tune the Low E string 2 notes lower to D.

Drop D: Low D:A:D:G:B:E

If you are already in standard tuning, just play the middle D string and downtune the Low E until it matches. Now, here are the Song Parts:

Intro - Sounds just like Kurt is messing about on the guitar a little before the main song verse kicks in.

Verse - Very straightforward powerchord sequence. Notice that for the Lower powerchords, different fingers are used. This is the great thing about Drop D tuning. It means that powerchords on the bottom 3 strings can be played by fretting straight across, which is easier than the usual way. Because of the Low D note you also get some extra tone in the low chords.

Chorus - These 3 chord changes are a little unusual and quick. As always, keep them slow and get them right before working on speed. Use your thumb to mute if you need to (as we show). If they are being horrid, just skip to the outro chords (see below) and play it that way instead, it's much easier.

Future Verses - Notice that the chords are very similar to the first verse, but this time play the second chord this way instead of this. Nothing too difficult!

Interlude - Picking up from the end of the chorus, just play the same cycle of 1 Finger chords here. Very easy stuff indeed!

Outro - This is really just the chorus again but played using different chord shapes. In fact these chord shapes are much easier than the standard choruses we saw earlier, and if you want to play the choruses this way instead, go for it. It all works.

The song may seem long, but really it is just a handful of song parts, each consisting of between 3 - 8 chord changes. This makes it a good song to learn quickly. Just skip the intro if it's too weird.

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