Lounge Act

Animated Lounge Act tab by Nirvana on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This song has no solo, and only involves a few simple (but quick) chord changes. The trickiest part is getting the timing of the strums right. Pay attention to the direction of the strums if you get stuck.

Also, you can use a G powerchord instead of the standard G if you find it easier. We've put a quick G powerchord in at the end of the song to show that alternative chord. In fact most of the chords in this song can be supplemented with that powerchord shape as long as you start from the right root note!

Song sections are as follows:

Intro / Verses: A5 - B maj - G5 - C maj (repeat)

Sometimes the A5 is skipped or muted out, but it's no big deal if you leave it in.

Chorus: A5 - E5 - A maj - D5 - G5

(repeat this sequence, but skip the first A5 chords when you do).

Bridge: A maj - Ab flat5 (pick through) - G maj (repeat)

That's all the song segments you need for the entire song, just repeat where necessary!

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