Ticket to Ride

Animated Ticket to Ride tab by The Beatles on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This song contains some simple, repetitive licks and chord progressions. The intro riff is based around the top of an A major chord and just requires 2 fingers playing on the fretboard. Practice that part over and over (it repeats a lot anyway) until you get it up to speed then work on adding the last picked chord B minor.

That chord change can be a bit tricky, but work at it and you'll get it ok! Afterwards, start strumming through the following progression...

E Major - F# minor - D7 - F# minor - G Maj 7 (B in bass) - F# minor - E Major

Then straight back to the riff from the intro again, repeat the chord sequence too.

There are 2 other song parts. The first one is....

D Major - D7 - repeat those 2 chords a few times then change to E Major and E7. Back to switching between D Major and D7 a few times then E Major (strike once and hold - this is where there is a little lead lick played by guitar 2). Then chug out the E5 and return back to the main intro riff / chord progression once again.

Those are all the song parts except for the outro, which is just fast strumming of an A Major, removing the 3rd finger for a couple of strums (repeat to the end). There is a rather unusual solo played over the outro. You can hear the lead guitar throughout the normal speed audio, and we'll look at how to play it in the next ActionTab!

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