A Hard Day's Night (Lead)

Animated A Hard Day's Night (Lead) tab by The Beatles on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is the second guitar for A Hard Day's Night by the Beatles. It is very similar to the rhythm guitar, but uses slightly different strumming and chord shapes in places. It also has little lead parts (which most distinguish this guitar from the other). Most people will just want to use the quick links (below) to check out the lead fills:

Intro / Verses - After the opening chord play this:

G major - C add9 - G major - F major - G major

Repeat that once more and then play the tail of the verse, which is:

C riff (first lead fill) - D5 - G major - C add9 - G major

Repeat the whole thing again for each following verse.

Chorus - Cycle through this chord progression:

B minor - E minor - B minor - G major - E minor - C7 - D7

Just repeat each progression as you play through the song. The only other new parts to the song are:

Solo - The solo is short and uses the G blues scale. It then switches straight into the C riff during the verse tail.

Outro - End the song by cycling through these 2 chords:

Am7 - F major

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