Ticket to Ride (Lead)

Animated Ticket to Ride (Lead) tab by The Beatles on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

The lead for this song is pretty easy for the most part. That's because it's mainly just twanging away on the open A string through the verses. Do this until just before the chords kick in, then just play B (twice) and Low E string (twice).

Don't do anything while the chords are playing for the chorus, except for this B minor.

That's most of the lead for the song, except for the little lead lick here, repeated again here.

For the outro, there's some crazy bending stuff going on. It's not particularly fast, but the fingering can be awkward.

Tip: Use the Tablature View (under Tools in the Menu) to help you quickly jump between song segments. Just click on any note to set the ActionTab to that place. Switch back to Normal View again (click Tablature again) and press play.

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