Come Together (Solo)

Animated Come Together (Solo) tab by The Beatles on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is the solo for Come Together. There are 2 solo parts in the song. It's an excellent song for beginners wishing to experiment with learning some nice lead guitar. The solos are quite easy to learn and play. Each solo has lots of gaps inbetween short phrases / licks. This means you'll have plenty of time to move hand positions between each phrase.

Notice that the first solo begins here. And the second solo begins here. We've linked to the 'prepared fingers' just before the solos start, so you have some time to get ready.

Both solos use simple phrases (short series of notes) with gaps inbetween each phrase. The good news is that most of the phrases are similar to each other. So, once you have one phrase right, you just need to apply the same techniques to get the other phrases too. Just make sure that you bend the notes high enough, and also when you release the bends, pull off straight away (in one, quick fluid movement). Click here and play the ActionTab for a quick example of the bend / pull off techniques we're talking about!

That is the trickiest part in each phrase. But worth practicing! Just remember that as you release the bend, you need to pull your finger off the string. Remember to remove your supporting fingers EXCEPT for the one you need to pull off to. If your pull off isn't working, remember you are aiming to catch the string a little and release it. That will make it sound out louder. Don't just take your finger off the string. Go to the Core Skills section on 'Pull Offs' if you are having trouble. Make sure to watch the introduction video (in particular) to see how to perform pull offs.

Although the solos are simple, they are played very 'sweetly'. That means the tone is rich and there is a lot of precision in the technique, as well as some nice touches. Often the whammy bar is used to tail off the last note of each phrase - particularly in the second solo parts.

Use the whammy bar (if you have it) to get that nice vibrato effect - just waver it using light pressure. Like here. Little touches like this help give that sweetness in the sound.

Use the normal speed audio to see how it should all sound. There are 2 solos in this song. In the ActionTab we start halfway through the song, where the first solo begins. However, the normal speed audio contains the full song at its proper speed (so you can jam all the way through). Therefore to get straight to the first solo, just click about halfway along the progress bar and press play. The second solo begins about 3/4 of the way through the normal speed audio.

Once you've learned the solo phrases using the slower ActionTab, you should see if you can play along with the normal speed audio! Work on those bends and pull offs. Take a bit of time to work at getting your speed up with them.

Once you've learned these phrases you'll have a good idea of what basic soloing is all about... Timing, feel, expression and technique.

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