Helter Skelter (Lead)

Animated Helter Skelter (Lead) tab by The Beatles on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

In the Rhythm ActionTab we looked at the intro and chords for this song. We keep those in this Lead guitar ActionTab too, however, switch to playing / showing you the lead parts whenever they come in. That way you get to play the full song and lead together.

The first lead part comes in at the first chorus. Start with a G5 chord. Then while the rhythm guitar is playing an A major chord in the background, the lead plays a very common rock n' roll riff. Palm mute an A5 chord twice (downstrokes). Then add your 3rd finger 2 frets up to alter the chord - again palm mute twice with downstrokes. Then play a little descending scale (it's an A major scale variant - the G note is a minor 7th, but the rest are standard A major notes).

As soon as the backing chord switches to E major, just play the exact same riff / scale as we just did for A - but 1 string lower. This transposes everything to E major instead!

Swap between these A and E riffs during the choruses. At the end of this first chorus there is a straightforward bend, repeatedly picked. This is followed by the Low E. Pick it once, let it ring and gently raise / lower the whammy bar to alter note as it sounds.

Return to the rhythm guitar chords for the next verse, and then play the next chorus. It's almost the same as the last one, just with no long E / whammy at the end. Go back to the rhythm guitar part instead by strumming E major. After that play the little lead licks starting here. Afterwards, return to the rhythm guitar part again here.

There is a brief lead lick here and the next time is for the chorus riff again. After the chorus riff, keep on the Low E note and then repeatedly descend through the E major (with minor 7th) scale.

That part ends with a bit of guitar oddness (slides, feedback, beatle juice, etc....improvise your own here) before kicking in with the outro. Just keep strumming the E5 chord until the end of the song!

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