Star Trek Theme

Animated Star Trek Theme tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Here's the Star Trek theme played on guitar. We're always saying that the best way to learn a guitar tune is to break it up into small chunks. Practice each chunk and then move to the next. This is much more effective than trying to play from start to finish each time. Well, this tune naturally divides into chunks. There are natural gaps between short phrases on the guitar.

Another factor is familiarity. The better you know a tune, the easier it is to learn it because you tend to know if it sounds right or wrong when practicing. So if you know this tune, give it a go!

This is a lead melody, and is a good choice for those beginning to learn lead guitar. Especially if you know the theme already. Here's the chunks:

Chunk 1 - Chunk 2 - Chunk 3 - Chunk 4 - Chunk 5 - Chunk 6 - Chunk 7 - Chunk 8 - Chunk 9 - Chunk 10

That may seem like a lot, but it's not actually as bad as it seems. Some of these chunks are just the same lick played a few frets up. For example, Chunk 1 and Chunk 2 are exactly the same licks, just 4 frets apart. So once you know Chunk 1, you already know Chunk 2 - just play the same thing higher.

Also, some chunks are just repeated. In this tune, Chunks 3 and 4 are repeated later (chunks 7 and 8). And Chunk 9 is nearly the same as Chunk 5, the difference is the last few notes.

Collectively this means you only need to learn 6 - 7 chunks to play the whole thing.

When working on other songs / solos, we recommend that you use the Bookmark feature (in the toolbar) to help you mark out your own 'chunks'. Learn to divide songs into chunks for yourself. It will help you learn songs faster!

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