Songwriting 1

Animated Songwriting 1 tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is from the Jamzone where we are exploring songwriting. Listen to the Normal Speed Audio (under Tools) to hear the final 'song'. Or download it:

The song is just 2 chord progressions. The verse, and the chorus. These are nearly always the heart of any song.

Intro - The exact same chord progression as the verse, just with less strums. Here's the Chords:

A major - A sus2 (twice)

G6 - G6 (twice)

Repeat this again, except play a C add9 instead of the last G6 chord.

Don't be put off by the chord names, watch the ActionTab and you'll see it's nothing too hard.

Verse - Exact same chord sequence, except with more strumming. The strumming pattern is always:

d-du-udu (d = down u = up - = gap)

Listen and watch the ActionTab, you'll get it. It's ok to strum the open strings between chord changes (like here). This gives you time to move your fingers between chord shapes, and in this progression sounds fine.

Chorus - Really easy. 8 strums on the E major, followed by one strum each for D major and A major. Repeat.

The song follows this arrangement:

Intro - Verse - Chorus - Verse - Chorus - Verse - Chorus - Verse - Chorus - Outro

The Outro is just a repeat of the Chorus.

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