The Simpsons Theme

Animated The Simpsons Theme tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Good tune for beginners to learn - most people know this intro to the Simpson's theme tune!

This tune is for the forum users. Sorry we couldn't do the A team theme tune - not enough frets, but as you know, that will be changing soon.

Yes, soon you too will be able to hire that crack commando unit, forced underground and working as elite soldiers of fortune. At least, you'll be able to play their theme tune.

Until then, the Simpsons tune is here. This tune really sticks in your head. So is good for beginners to focus on working with. If you find yourself humming it for weeks - remember - You have been warned...

A slight technical note....this is the main Simpsons melody and is repeated a few times during the theme tune. However, the very last time it is played, it is slightly different. Instead of a 1 note finish with your second finger - play 4 notes rapidly on next fret up (5th fret) of the same string, using your 3rd finger. In other words, the C note on the G string - fret 5. That's the finale.

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