Fingerpicking Territory

Animated Fingerpicking Territory tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Beautiful little chord progression using fairly fast fingerpicking and the open strings as much as possible.

Chord sequence is E min - G maj 7 - C maj7 (no 3rd) - C maj7 (with 3rd) - G maj (or B min aug5 - depending on how complex you want to be).

The feel of this tune centres very much around the constant fingerpicking pattern, and especially the constant use of the open notes G and B. These set the tonality of the piece.

The simple chord shapes played along the A and D strings give pleasant descending bass lines to work from. This is a fantastic piece to elaborate with. I wrote it many years ago for a band I played in, and it has always been a pleasure to work around.

Many different scale patterns and melodies can be applied over this piece. If you are looking to experiment, a good place to start is the E natural minor scale/ G major scale.

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