Palm Muting 13

Animated Palm Muting 13 tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This exercise is from the Core Skills section on Palm Muting.

Now you can play these 3 scales in succession using just palm muted downstrokes, let's speed things up by alternate picking.

This time we play the same scales in succession, but keep that all-important alternate picking going - down / up / down / up strokes, no matter what note is next.

Again the scales are the E, G and A pentatonic minor scales.

Keep your pick close to the strings at all times, and even though your palm position makes this more natural you need to use very tight pick action to get up to the speed you hear in the normal speed version (under Tools in the Menu).

Don't worry about getting that fast just yet. Just keep practicing and make sure that you can at least play through the scales with unbroken flow.

Alternate picking is the reason for that fast playing - the constant down / up motion should remain constant no matter what note comes next. Although you also need to make sure that you are fretting the notes at precisely the same time as picking them. Speed picking is about both hands being precise and tightly co-ordinated.

Speed picking is a little easier with this pentatonic scale pattern because each string has only 2 notes each. This means that each string is started with a downstroke.

Keep practicing in your own time to get up to speed with these scales, using both normal (open) picking and palm muting. With time and practice you will get faster. Your fingers need time to get strong and 'learn' how to play with economy of movement. Muscle memory is a big part of learning guitar. Once you can play along with the slower speed ActionTab audio, progress onto the next lesson.

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