The Ocean (Main)

Animated The Ocean (Main) tab by Led Zeppelin on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

More fantastic riff mastery from Jimmy Page. This song is from Led Zeppelin V - The Houses of the Holy album. It is rather jolly good. We've re-made the ActionTab to include all song parts. We'll look at the solo guitar parts in the next ActionTabs.

You can hear all guitar parts (solos etc) together in the Normal Speed Audio, but not in the ActionTab. The extra guitar layers have been removed to show you how to play all the main Rhythm guitar from top to tail.

This song Rocks. Keep the timing very tight and use your fingers to mute after the chord strikes to suddenly silence the strings. See our muting articles if this isn't making any sense.

Song Parts (Quick Links):

Verse 1

Chorus 1

Verse 2 Same as Verse 1 except with a little muting instead of the downslides.

Chorus 2 Same as Chorus 1 except for these 7th Chords. Just revert to using Chorus 1 if this is too difficult.

Verse 3

Chorus 3 Use the 7th chord shapes all the time for this part if you can. Also, play about with the slides here and have some fun. There is a gap in the music at the end of this chorus as everyone sings 'la-la lalala la' etc. Then snap back in with -

Chorus 4

Verse 4

Bridge - End Quite easy, but fast. There are a few extra guitar layers recorded over this part which we will look at separately. You can hear them all together in the Normal Speed Audio, but not in the ActionTab.

The timing of the notes and chords in this song can be awkward at first. Don't go too fast, just take it slow at first until you have the riffs down, and then apply speed!

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