Rock and Roll (Rhythm)

Animated Rock and Roll (Rhythm) tab by Led Zeppelin on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

True to the title of the song, this classic Zep song is based entirely around a handful of classic rock n' roll riffs.

Riff 1 - This is just a good old fashioned 12 bar rock riff. Jimmy page starts on an upstroke, because he skips the first strike, and starts on an off-beat. However, if you learn the riff from just after that - here - you can see that it's all normal down / upstrokes from there onwards. The riff is short, and once you've learned it using the open A string, just do the same thing using the D string and Low E string.

Riff 2 - While Robert Plant starts singing the verses, Jimmy plays this simple G note / A powerchord (and then switches across by 1 string to play the same thing using the C note / D powerchord). Nice and straightforward, but like the rest of the song, take your time with it to get the timing tight.

Riff 3 - Another very typical rock n' roll style riff. This comes in at the end of Riff 2 to finish it off. After a brief pause (while Robert Plant sings about lonely times) the whole song riffs are just repeated over again.

That's all you need to play the entire song. It ends on an A7 chord.

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