Out on the Tiles

Animated Out on the Tiles tab by Led Zeppelin on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

The best way to learn this song is break it down into individual riffs. There are only about 6 main riffs to learn, so with some application you'll know the entire song relatively quickly. Remember, go slow and get it right before building speed.

Intro Riff - You can use alternate down / up pick strokes if you wish - it doesn't really matter. Mute the surrounding strings with your thumb / fingers if it makes things easier.

Verse Riff 1 - This repeats a few times, but notice that different fingers are used to play it first time compared to the rest. That's down to positional play.

Verse Riff 2 - The start of the riff is the same as previously, but the tail end is different.

Repeat through Verse Riffs 1 and 2 again then:

Pre-Chorus - Short and very easy.

Chorus - Do the fast chord changes whilst strumming the open E and A strings (Thumb mute the low E if it helps). The chords are E5 and A major.

After that just repeat everything over again (including the intro riff twice).

Funky Outro - Played similar to the Chorus, but this time the chords are: G5 *3 E5 - A major - G major. Switch chords as you pick the Low E, and don't forget the funky muted strikes in between!

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