Animated Tangerine tab by Led Zeppelin on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Here we show the main acoustic guitar for Tangerine. Jimmy Page used a 12 string guitar in a slightly lower tuning, but we've kept it in standard tuning and used a 6 string for simplicity.

Intro - This short guitar part at the beginning sounds like a warm up before starting the song.

Verse - This basic chord progression is played for each verse. We give the basic chord names below, but bear in mind there are variations as Jimmy adds / removes certain notes:

A minor - G major - D major - G major - A minor - G major - D major - C major - C picked part - G picked part - A minor - G major - D major

In later verses Jimmy switches to the Chorus by quickly strumming C major and D major

Chorus - Just cycle through 3 chords:

G major - C major (barre) - D major (barre)

The C major / D major barre chords can be hard, especially on a 12 string. Use the open chords instead if you find them easier (i.e. C major - D major).

End the chorus with G major - D sus4 / D major

Bridge - The first solo is played over this chord sequence:

A minor - C major - D major - F major - E major - E minor - F major - C major - G major - D major - G major - D major - G major - D major

Outro - Stick with the D major / sus 4 chords while the solo does its thing. Then end on:

A minor - G major - F add9 - G5

End with picking across these G Major Harmonics (a G major chord is G - B - D)

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