Stairway to Heaven (Solo)

Animated Stairway to Heaven (Solo) tab by Led Zeppelin on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Here is the solo for Stairway to Heaven. There are 3 parts:

Solo - Fill - Outro

Notice that inbetween these 3 parts there are gaps while the rhythm guitar rocks out. All 3 lead guitar parts mostly use the A pentatonic minor scale.

The Fill and Outro are comparatively easy to play (and a lot of fun). But it's the first solo that will take the most practice.

During that first solo, watch out for a few things. For example, just after the second bend, use the little finger to play the C note on the adjacent E string. Notice that there is a swap to the 3rd finger immediately afterwards in order to play the next bend on that C note. This is how Jimmy plays that bend, as it is slightly easier to bend there using the stronger 3rd finger (rather than the 4th). However, if you prefer to use your 4th finger, go for it. Either way you should use supporting fingers to get the full bend.

As always, work through the solo in small, manageable chunks. Get them right slowly first, and then work on building your speed.

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