In The Light (Lead)

Animated In The Light (Lead) tab by Led Zeppelin on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

The lead guitar for this song mainly plays fills and atmospheric sounds until the solo at the end.

The fills from the start are easy stuff. Just strike these double stops and mute them as the last note of the main guitar riff is played. Repeat this a few times then just keep playing the G note in background and holding it. You can play the open G string instead if you like. In fact, later in the song Jimmy plays both together.

Occasionally this guitar will swap with the rhythm guitar and play the main song riff. You probably already know that part from the previous ActionTab, and if you don't - check it out here.

Also similar to the main guitar is this part. However, instead of playing the descending blues scale at frets 7-5, play down at the open position. This leaves your fretboard hand in a better position to reach the following double stops. Notice that before that first double stop, you need to play the C note with your 1st finger. That is important positional play. After that, you can revert to using your 1st finger for the rest of the double stops - just swap hand positions after muting the strings, there's plenty of time to do that.

End each section with a bend on Fret 4 (Ab). Do a half bend, not a full bend (i.e. bend the string up by 1 note, not 2 notes) and hold it until it fades out. Use your ear to guide you on how far to bend the string.

The Outro Solo is really quite nice. It layers over the main guitar's ascending A major scale. Unsurprisingly, the solo is also in A major. It is a series of short little licks, so is quite handy to learn. It naturally is divided into chunks and apart from the bending, there are not too many tricky techniques involved.

In the song, Jimmy layers a 3rd guitar over this one and plays the same lead licks, but after a delay. This causes an overlap with the solo parts. It works well, but we decided it was best removed from the audio or it will confuse things. Besides, guitar 3 is exactly the same as guitar 2, just played a bit later.

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