Immigrant Song

Animated Immigrant Song tab by Led Zeppelin on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is a great song to play. It involves only 1 main riff and a few simple chord changes.

The main riff will probably be quite tricky for you at first because it is fast and involves string-skipping. Don't let that put you off. Stick at it and use the following guidelines:

Fret the F# and pick it as shown. Occasionally you need to skip the A string and strike the F# on the D string. This is hard at first but once you crack it, you won't look back.

The solution to practicing this main riff is to make sure you use the pick stroke directions we show you here, and start slow as you need to. Get it correct at a slow pace first, and only then work at building the speed.

Also, you can mute each note immediately after playing it (with your fretboard fingers). This makes the riff sound more choppy and rhythmic. Just keep your 1st finger on the F# and relieve pressure with your 1st finger (to mute the string) instantly after picking it. Re-apply pressure again for the next pick stroke, repeat the mute, etc.

This muting technique involves a fair bit of concentration and control, so only attempt it if you are ready. You don't need it to play the song well.

Besides the main riff the rest of the song is just some straightforward chord changes.

1st Chord Segment (most common):

A major - E major - A major - A major

2nd Chord Segment:

A major - B major - C major - C major

Jimmy uses 2 guitars for that particular chord segment. The first just plays single chords like that. However, there is another guitar which strums through the chords, and we show that the next time around in the ActionTab (use either):

A major - B major - C major

Lastly the song Outro is a close variation of the Main Riff. Again, watch the picking and just add the C9 chord.

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