Speed Metal Picking

Animated Speed Metal Picking tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Fast, furious, and downright metal. Concentrate on technique first...speed always comes afterwards. This piece has a little bit of a 'tricky' part - remember to strike the open A string again immediately after you have done the pull off for C note (3rd fret). Do this again for the next B note (2nd fret). However, the next time (for the last B pull off) don't strike the open string in the same way. Instead go to the A powerchord and repeat the riff.

So, that part goes like this...

C - pull off to A
Hit the A with a deft upstroke
B - pull off to A
Hit the A with a deft upstroke
B - pull off to A
Now hit the A powerchord.

(listen to this part in the ActionTab to make sure you don't go wrong!)

The rest is simply speed picking the A string, using palm muting. Speed metal riffs like this are about strict timing. If you miss a stroke it could throw off your drummer and confuse your bass player. We wouldn't want that now.

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