Chord Strum Thing

Animated Chord Strum Thing tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

DADGAD Open tuning chord practice for beginners to this tuning. This piece is to help you explore DADGAD a little and to concentrate on getting fluid chord changes. There is not much need to concentrate on left hand finger changes.

The point of this exercise is to work on clean strumming with your right hand.

One of the best things about open tunings is that they are often fuller sounding if you make use of the open strings as much as possible. This is partly because they are normally lower than stadard EADGBE tuning, but also because you can play a full chord just by strumming straight across the strings.

To see what we mean...try just strumming the open DADGAD strings, then placing your index finger straight across any fret - across all strings. Play it. You can do this anywhere you wish and will have a full 6 string chord.

If this is too simple for you, try looking at DADGAD Country Blues 2 to see the further use of harmonic chords (a real gem of open tunings).

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