Jazz 2-5-1 Mixolydian Solo B

Animated Jazz 2-5-1 Mixolydian Solo B tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Here we play another improvised solo using the G Mixolydian mode over our original 2-5-1 progression. This time we shall use more phrases that are typical of the Jazz style. Phrases are little sections of a larger melody that each stand out on their own. If a solo is a story, then phrases are the individual sentences used to tell that story. Read the main article for brain food.

Make sure you've done the Mixolydian Practice from here too.

This solo can be broken down into individual phrases:

Phrase 1 - ends on this E note
Phrase 2 - ends on this G note
Phrase 3 - ends after muting this G note
Phrase 4 - ends on this B note

Notice that the phrases flow well together to give us that overall melodic story.

When you come to work on your own solos, build them one phrase at a time. Experiment with the underlying scale to come up with phrases that you like. The more you do it, the more you will feel the music and be able to create on the spot. You will become familiar with the scale, and what you can do with it. You will also learn to listen to the backing music more and use it to ground your melodic ideas. Eventually you won't even have to think too much about what you are doing with scales, and just produce the music you feel inside. That is the real ideal behind making good improvised music.

When you are done here, go back to the 2-5-1 backing, loop and play!

The more you work at improvising short phrases, the sooner you will be able to string things together into an overall melody and create solos that please! Use the Scale Game tutorials (also here and here) for more ideas on how to do this. Also, record your own backing chords and experiment. Even if it's all shaky for a while, keep at it. The more you do it, the more you will learn and the more natural it will become!

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