Ghosts of War - Guitar 2

Animated Ghosts of War - Guitar 2 tab by Slayer on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

There are 2 guitars used in the song (King and Hanneman). Here we see Hanneman's Guitar part. Although both guitars have different solos and there are a few different riffs, for the most part both King and Hanneman play the same riffs together. We recommend learning King's part first, as it has all the best riffs, and the solos are a bit better. Below we've put * symbols beside the links to parts that Hanneman plays differently to King.

The song is played at blistering speed, so is very difficult to play at normal pace. You NEED to know how to alternate pick (trem pick) very fast, and how to alternate between palm muting and open notes. However, there are great riffs here, and some are good for beginners, plus lots of fun to play. We'll point those out below.

Like most Slayer songs, this one is in Eb tuning. That means tuning each string down by 1 note to:

Low Eb : Ab : Db : Gb : Bb : Eb

Intro - This is the 'weird' start to the song. It is almost like a mini song, played more quietly until the main song kicks off. There are 3 parts to the intro.

Intro Riff 1 - Intro Riff 2 - Intro Riff 3

Verse Riff 1 - This is a highly repetitive riff. It is easier than the intro riff, but you still need to get tight and fast with your alternate picking.

Chorus Riff - Although still fast as hell, this is one of the easier song riffs because it just involves powerchords and alternate picking 1 note between.

The song then reverts to the verse again, so play Verse Riff 1 again, then shift it up to fret 4 to play Verse Riff 2. It's the same riff, just higher up the fretboard. Finish off with the chorus again.

Solo * - Kerry King plays a backing riff while Jeff Hanneman does the first solo. Like all Slayer solos it's all a bit weird, out of key, fast and uses the whammy bar a lot.

Solo Backing* - Hanneman switches to rhythm guitar while King takes over the soloing here.

Interlude * - Hanneman alternates with King here at playing the really cool interlude riff. He only plays it twice, then switches to doing very simple backing powerchords. These powerchords * are the easiest part of the whole song.

Second Solo Backing * - Hanneman plays a fairly easy set of riffs here to back King's second solo. It's all played using just downstrokes.

Chuggy Riff - This is very short and repetitive. A great sounding riff with a lot of head-swingibility. Thrash beginners will love this one. Just go slow and get it tight, then build speed. The picking pattern is dud-d-d (repeat).

Ending - This is exactly the same as the first interlude riff, except played one string down. Then just finish the song using the these 3 powerchords + Chuggy riff.

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