Angel of Death (Pt2) Hanneman

Animated Angel of Death (Pt2) Hanneman tab by Slayer on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Here we look at Jeff Hanneman's guitar parts during part 2 of the song (the ultra-cool part with the killer riff that nearly all metal fans know and love). We strongly recommend looking at the ActionTab for Kerry King first, as his riffs are similar, but slightly easier. Hanneman mostly plays the same notes, but tends to add higher harmonies in certain places. We're assuming you know the song, and have at least looked at King's ActionTab.

Remember you'll need to tune all the strings down by 1 note to Eb tuning:

Low Eb : Ab : Db : Gb : Bb : Eb

Killer Riff - We're going to start by showing Kerry King's riff. Although Jeff Hanneman doesn't play this, it's useful to show it to you so you can see what Hanneman does differently when he does join in.

Look at this part of King's riff. Now let's jump to when Hanneman joins in - here.

Play them both a couple of times and you'll see that both licks are identical except that Hanneman plays his across by 1 string and up by 2 frets. So, if you have already learned King's riff all you need to do is play the same thing, moved across and up the neck a little!

The rest of the killer riff (descending donw the Ab string etc) is identical to King.

Remember to use all downstrokes. Some are palm muted, some aren't.

Mid-riff - After the killer riff, this heavy riff takes place. It's similar to the stuff we saw in Part 1. It's short, repetitive and uses the same chords. At this point in the song the tempo is slightly slower, making this riff a little easier than those in Part 1. Both King and Hanneman stick to using downstrokes here.

Hanneman occasionally plays this little harmony. You can hear both guitars play different notes here if you listen carefully. Hanneman plays lower notes than King here.

Later, both play this same lick (i.e. no difference in notes, both play the same thing). If you want to see King's guitar licks / harmonies check out this ActionTab.

Remember the Golden Rule - Break each riff down into small manageable chunks (doesn't matter if it's only 4 notes or 24). Keep practicing that chunk slowly and get it right before building speed. Once you have it tight, then build the speed. Once you have a reasonable speed, then move to the next chunk. Rinse and repeat!

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