Seasons in the Abyss (Main)

Animated Seasons in the Abyss (Main) tab by Slayer on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

We've taken a look at the epic Intro for this song already. Now we finish the song by looking at the rest of the riffs. The song is in Eb tuning, so if you are in standard tuning then tune each string down by 1 fret to:

Low Eb : Ab : Db : Gb : Bb : Eb

After the intro, the song speeds up and we get some lovely thrash riffs:

Bridge - This cool little riff is short and repeats after this note. Just keep playing the same riff over. End on these 2 powerchords then launch straight into the verse riff:

Verse - Great little repeating riff based around the Low Eb5 chord. Up until now the picking has been downstrokes, but notice that upstrokes are occasionally used here to give a little more spice to the rhythm.

Chorus - Very simple powerchord sequence. Just strike and hold.

These riffs are all repeated throughout the song. The only extra riffs to learn are:

Solo Backing Riff - While Kerry King does one of his weird solos Jeff Hanneman plays this backing riff. It's a variation on the main verse riff, shifted up by a fret.

Outro - Like the chorus powerchords it follows, this is just a simple chord progression. Strike and hold. The clean guitar riff we saw in the Intro makes a final appearance over these last chords.

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