Angel of Death (Pt1) Hanneman

Animated Angel of Death (Pt1) Hanneman tab by Slayer on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

We recommend starting with King's guitar for this song because it's slightly easier. You can check out his ActionTab here. They are mainly identical, except Hanneman comes in later and uses fuller powerchords in a few of the riffs. Towards the end he also plays some higher powerchords.

The song is in Eb tuning, which means tuning each string down by 1 fret:

Low Eb : Ab : Db : Gb : Bb : Eb*

* although we're in Eb tuning, we'll use standard tuning chord names as most people will be more familiar with them.

Beware - this is an exceptionally fast song. We've slowed it down a lot to make things very clear, but to get up to the normal speed you will need to work on building very fast alternate picking. Even seasoned guitarists will struggle with this one.

Chorus - The song starts with the chorus riff. Hanneman ends up playing the the same riffs as king, except at the start he punches out single powerchords / slides (and skips the Low E drilling). This just gives the intro more bite.

He joins in with King fully here. He plays the full powerchords, whereas King plays single notes here. Hanneman consistently does this throughout the chorus riff.

Here's the main chorus riff as Hanneman plays it. The trick to this riff (and most of the song) is all in the picking. Boiled down, it's just lots of very fast palm muted alternate picking on the Low E string (called drilling), with open stabs on the following chords:

Low E5 - drill - F5 - drill - F#5 - drill - End Lick - Repeat this 4 more times, then end on this Bb5 powerchord variant before launching into the verse riffs.

NB - He also does a cool pickslide (drag the edge of the pick down these 2 strings).

Verse - Again, lots of drilling on the Low E string. However, this time there are more powerchords thrown in. There are 3 variations on the same short riff here:

1 Low E5 - drill - Bb5 - drill - Low E5 - drill - End Riff (exact same as King)

2 Low E5 - drill - Bb5 - drill - Low E5 - drill - F5 - Ab5 (exact same as King, except the last 2 powerchords are higher)

Play variation 1 again, then this:

3 Low E5 - drill - Bb5 - drill - Low E5 - drill - A5 - Bb5 (exact same as King, except the last 2 powerchords are higher)

Repeat. Then switch to this repetitive riff until the next chorus riff appears.

The next chorus is the same as we looked at earlier, but longer. There are only a couple of variations in the riff (a couple of different powerchords are used). Nothing you can't handle if you've already got to this point!

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