Chromatic Scale

Animated Chromatic Scale tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is the Chromatic scale across all 6 strings. The chromatic scale is considered by many to be the easiest of scales, and is great for warming up.

Beginners should use this exercise to develop control with all 4 fretboard fingers. Remember the 1 finger-per-fret rule, and keep your thumb placed in the centre of the back of the fretboard. This will allow you to reach each note easier with your fingers on the other side of the fretboard. The higher the angle of your finger dropping onto the string from above each note, the better.

The chromatic scale is simply playing each note in order, one after the other, with no gaps between notes.

The ActionTab starts with Low E and ends on G# on the high E string - playing every single note in-between, over 2 octaves. Great for practice. Enjoy.

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