Drill Technique 1

Animated Drill Technique 1 tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This ActionTab shows you how to 'drill' in true metal style.

Drilling is the fast palm muted down / upstroke picking action. It usually works best when combined with regular downstrokes (just like in this ActionTab). This technique is a powerful rhythmic tool and is effectively used in some of the most famous metal riffs out there. It is an essential for any aspiring metal guitarists.

Drilling requires a lot of tight control with your strumming hand, and will take quite a lot of practice to get right. The good news is - once you can drill this low E powerchord, you can progress into the myriads of more complex chunky metal riffs out there.

Once you have mastered this ActionTab, take a look at Drill Technique 2 to see a more elaborate example of a drilling riff.

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