Speed Tech 39

Animated Speed Tech 39 tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This exercise is from the Core Skills section on developing Speed Techniques. As usual, check out the normal speed audio first.

In the previous exercise we practiced an ascending run. It's important to go both ways on guitar, so here we show you a descending run.

The same techniques from the earlier exercises apply here, except that now we are going down (not up) the fretboard using the same basic 'lick' format. We're using notes from the C major scale this time. We start on a C note and end on a C note, one octave lower. Again, use the slide to shift positions.

There are 6 basic positions / licks we shift through:

Lick 1 - Lick 2 - Lick 3 - Lick 4 - Lick 5 - Lick 6

Even if you are fast at the ascending run, it takes time to get good at descending. Most guitarists neglect descending runs, believing them to be harder. They aren't. It's just a question of including them more in your practice routines!

As before, if you are really struggling with some of the different finger positions, then scrap the C major scale stuff...just play the same first lick, but slide it down 2 frets and play it again, repeat. This will train your fingers to get used to the position shifting. But once you can do that, go back to trying out the licks here. You can't keep playing the same lick forever, and using different note sequences will come with practice!

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