Anthem (Guitar 1) Backing Chords

Animated Anthem (Guitar 1) Backing Chords tab by Arch Enemy on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is one of the few songs by Arch Enemy in standard tuning. It is off their mighty fine album 'Anthems of Rebellion', and is a great example of some very simple 'melodic metal'. If tunes like "Happy Birthday" aren't quite what you are into, then this maybe more your cup of tea. It's short, easy and sounds should be able to learn this tune quickly.

There are 4 guitar layers. The first one (this ActionTab) is the backing chords. Very straightforward powerchord stabs. Just strike and hold. The next 2 guitars (guitar 2 and 3) play a simple but cool melody line one octave apart (we'll be looking at that so don't worry about it for now). Finally we'll look at Guitar 4 which is a fast but short lead part. You can hear all 4 guitars together in the normal speed audio (under 'Tools' in the menu bar).

Let's start with the powerchord backing here. We recommend you go through the Core Skills section on Strumming if you don't know the joy of powerchords!

The powerchords follow a simple progression (the 5 just means 'powerchord'):

C5 - Bb5 - Ab5 - Bb5 (repeat)

Just notice that the last Bb5 chord is held for half the length of the others.

The song ends by playing the G5 and C5 chords.

Once you've mastered this, move on to the next guitar layer...

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