Anthem (Guitar 4)

Animated Anthem (Guitar 4) tab by Arch Enemy on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

So, main melodies done - let's get to the cool solo lick. It's short and sweet - a good introduction to metal solos if you are new to them.

This solo occurs about halfway through the tune, so this ActionTab starts just before it kicks in. Plus it's slowed down to about half the speed of the normal speed audio.

It starts with a short run of notes. Practice this run from the first slide / C note until the vibrato on the G. Use alternate picking (constant down / up strokes per note). It's very important that you use the fingers shown here. This will keep your fingers in position for the next part of the solo.

Keep practicing this run until you start getting consistent with it and as fast as possible. When ready, move onto the next part of the solo.

Now the trick to the next part of the solo is in quickly moving your 4th, 3rd and 1st fingers onto the B string whilst doing the vibrato on the G (from the first part of the lick). That is why we used the 2nd finger to play the G note previously. It gives you room to switch to the quick double pull off on the B string. It doesn't matter if your fingers get in place during the vibrato, or instantly afterwards. But using the wrong fingers will get you in trouble!

Straight after the fast double pull off just play a long slow quarter bend. Use your ear to guide you to the correct bending distance.

One other thing: As you reach the apex of the bend, use your whammy bar to apply vibrato by wavering it up and down quite quickly.

After that, the rest of the solo is easy enough...with some practice you'll get it just fine, especially if you can get through the first part already!

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