Anthem (Guitar 2)

Animated Anthem (Guitar 2) tab by Arch Enemy on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

OK so now we've done the powerchord backing, it's time for the main melody. This is 'Guitar 2' and is the main melody for the tune.

The melody is simple and straightforward. Like the powerchords, it repeats a few times, only to differ slightly at the end.

The main melody is:

During the C5 backing chord: F E E (hold) E F G F E D
During the Bb5 backing chord: E F F (hold)
During the Ab5 backing chord: Slide to D C C (hold)
During the Bb5 backing chord: Eb D D (hold)


Notice that there is a little variance - sometimes a slide, or vibrato is applied - but the notes are still in the same order.

Notice how the fingers stay on the strings even when playing notes higher up on the same string with a different finger. This makes playing a little easier because the string is already depressed by the previous fingers. Also the 'upcoming notes' will be already fretted and ready to play.

During the ending G5 / C5 chords, the melody plays C B B (hold) and C (apply vibrato).

Next we'll look at Guitar 3 (which plays exactly the same melody 1 octave higher), and then the cool solo lick for Guitar 4.

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