End of the Line (Chris Amott)

Animated End of the Line (Chris Amott) tab by Arch Enemy on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

There are 2 guitars for the song (played by brothers Michael and Chris Amott). This is Chris's guitar, which is more of a backing role. Both guitarists play pretty much the same thing, except that Michael uses octave chords during the Chorus and does the solo. See his ActionTab (click here) for all the cool stuff / riff breakdowns.

The original song was recorded in C tuning (4 frets down) by Arch Enemy, but we're doing it in standard E tuning to save you re-tuning / ruining your guitar. It's the right way to play the song, just sounds a bit higher due to the higher tuning.

Main (Verse) Riff - Short and repetitive. This is a great riff for practicing your speed metal techniques. Work on getting consistent alternate pick strokes first, then build your speed. All the notes on the Low E string are palm-muted except for this 3 note lick. Sometimes they don't play that 3 note lick, they just continue palm-muting - like here. If you are struggling with that little 3 note lick, play this riff variation instead. Come back to to the lick later.

Riff 2 - This little riff involves switching across by 1 string and playing pull-offs. The palm muted rhythm has a couple of gaps. Chris keeps playing this riff while Michael shifts up a few frets after the 2nd time round.

Just keep alternating between these riffs until the chorus...

Chorus - Chris does these backing powerchords, while his brother Michael plays octave chords instead. It's the easiest part of the song, and requires muting between bursts of 4 strums each time a chord is played.

The middle and last chorus / outro are more of the same, except more octave chords are added afterwards.

Watch out for this Last Verse Riff variation. It's almost exactly the same as the normal riff, except that this note is played 1 note sooner. That means playing 5 palm muted notes afterwards instead of 4 to compensate. Chris continues this riff while Michael does the solo.

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